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We only supply our products to licensed retailers, wholesalers, online stores, educational institutions or public aquariums. We do not supply end users, hobbyists or collectors.


As volume and variety of products constantly change, we do our absolute best to include all new available variety as soon as they become available to us, however our stock list is updated once a week and can be accessed from our products list as well as emailed to you if you prefer a PDF type of a list.


All customers will have a tentative invoice and upon order arrival will send you an actual invoice reflection all items arriving in your order. All orders will be delivered to each store upon arrival. Each store will have their box numbers and contents of each box on final invoice. And upon delivery, each box will have the store name it belongs to. Also direct pick up from the airport is an available option upon request.


Customers can place their orders online, via email or over the phone. We will not know the exact quantity available at the time of placing your order but if the requested items available, we will be glad to get them for you. Also exact coloring or shade of coloring at the time of order or absolute size can not be determined at the time of ordering. We will do everything we can to get you the desired request but please understand that variation in colors is common in all species and sizes will vary within the noted range of each item unless "Free size" is indicated which will mean the approximate size is unknown to us.

Dry Goods will be drop shipped and will arrive to you with exact color and size indicated on each item


While the ocean is full of fish, the quantities that divers can catch everyday is limited, so please place your order as soon as you can because the earlier you get us your order the better the fill rate will be. Each customer can indicate whether or not some substitution is allowed. If substitution is allowed it will be within the type and species of fish you order. If substitution is disallowed, origin will hold off on shipping the order until all your order has been collected. We will always aim to 100% fill rate but sometimes it very difficult to achieve specially with no substitution desired. 


Our quality promise to all customers is that the aquatic life will arrive

  1. Healthy.

  2. Free of visible disease.

  3. Free of blemishes.

  4. Free of visible hitch hikers.

  5. Treated prophylactically for common diseases.

  6. Will handle the transport.

  7. Arrive to your location a live. 


If any of your aquatic life arrives dead we will do everything we can to assist you. Our DOA policy as follow

  1. Live arrival guarantee effective for 12 hours after delivery or pick up.

  2. All DOA claims must be accompanied by pictures of the deceased animal(s).

  3. Customer is responsible for the first 15% of livestock value.

  4. No refund on freight cost in any DOA claims.

  5. All due credits will be applied to your account for use on next order.

  6. Any flight or carrier delays are not the responsibility of Quality Marine Life.

  7. Failure to accept delivery or pick up your boxes will void DOA guarantee.


Quality Marine Life requires prepayment on all orders before processing. Payment accepted through bank transfer or PayPal. Customer is responsible for any fees imposed by any of those institutions. Prepayment will be based on the tentative invoice and adjustments will be made upon receiving the final invoice. If any amount due to the customer, will be refunded. If customer owe us any amount will need to be collected before delivery or pick up.

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