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Our goal is for you to simply enjoy your new and healthy aquatic life and we know that you can’t fully and completely enjoy if you have to worry about them being sick, getting the others sick, not eating or perishing so we offer one of a kind quality guarantee that ensures your peace of mind when buying from Quality Marine Life.

We guarantee all our aquatic life at the time of purchase to be:

  1. Healthy, happily living and swimming.

  2. Eating prepared or frozen food.

  3. Free of any visible disease..

  4. Free of any blemishes related to an illness (unless a superficial blemish clearly stated).

  5. Free of any visible hitch hikers.

  6. Treated prophylactically for common marine fish diseases.

  7. Will handle the transport from our tank to yours (Assuming you maintain similar parameters).

  8. Arrive to your position live. 

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