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Quarantined Marine Life: is an aquatic life that has been in quarantine for four weeks and eats very well.

*Disclaimer: We treat all our aquatic life for most common marine disease prophylactically, however transportation of these animals can be very stressful and such stress often reduces their immune system leaving them vulnerable to all types of health issues and may (in rare occasions) activate a dormant or hidden illness that was not present before and never showed up while the animals were in our care. We exhaust all efforts to reduce any stress factors that can have similar impact, however transportation element, we have minimal control over the stress it produces. Thereafter regardless of our quarantine, we highly recommend that each customer practice their own quarantine procedure to prevent or reduce any risks to their new and current tank inhabitants.  


We keep and treat many of our marine life in copper and praziquantel. 

At Quality Marine Life, we have implemented all levels of disease transmission prevention as a standard of quality to all our aquatic animals, however buy making a purchase you accept the inherited risk of possible transmission.

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